Really Badly need help :/

Ok this might sound Really retarded,

I am really interested in making my own flood server of a paid dedicated host.
i know nothing about how to do this and have read TONS of websites that dont really explain how to make one. i have downloaded a Flood gamemode that i will use for my server. I have £18 and have not yet bought a server which i need help with also. Please can somebody help me?

P.S you may have to spell shit out like im retarded because i know nothing about it :smiley:

Thanks in advance

Also my Msn Messenger email :

You can’t just pay once and get a server, you have to pay monthly, and it’s usually around £1 per slot, or a penny under, so you’ll be fine for a month.

yeah i am going to be paying monthly. just paying for the 1st month atm

Never, Never, Ever Sign your posts.

if you want a server, go to . Thats one place where you can get servers.

why dont anyone forward ports

Why don’t you realise he might want a 24/7 dedicated server instead of having to host it locally or install his own dedicated server that takes up valuable computer resources?

He’s new, and it’s not like a standard forum signature. All fancy and shit.

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