Really Dark At Night...But I Dont Want To Carry A Gun.

It really sucks when you just want to go night farming but you want to take the risk of carrying a gun. I mean yeah a pistol is no big loss but it adds up when you have to put a flashlight mod too. What about if the helmet had a chance to have a slot for a flashlight mod? That way the night could be playable. (Yes I know you can turn up gamma/brightness but not everyone wants to do this every time they want to play rust. Plus at one point it does get pitch black). Although I bet someone has said this before…What do you think?

You never noticed the torch you always spawn with?

Yeah but that just takes up a slot that can be replaced with medkit…and also what about if I have to pull out a bow to shot a bear or zombie or a player?

Thats the point of limited inventory space, you’re not supposed to carry everything with you. You’ll have to make sacrifices and compromises


It really isn’t that hard, I don’t increase “gamma” or anything. Black out, is like… 4 mins long maybe less, in which you really can’t see a foot in front of you.

After that you can see, not PERFECTLY but… it still is suppose to be night.

I mean there’s already a fuckasston of inventory space so I’m pretty sure you can carry a medkit, torch, or gun and flashlight all at the same time

I mean just an idea…It be a new light and would help when you are in your base and its dark as fuck. Also makes you easier to spot out which can be a risk.

Take a flare, before it expires move the flare to inventory and then move it back to your hotbar. Enjoy unlimited, exploited light.

What is sticking a light to your helmet supposed to accomplish? It’s the same as sticking it on the weapon, and you have the same risk for losing it…


Too add to that other people cant see it when its lit in your hands (it’s a bug, I’ve tested it).

Thats a good idea

Does anyone know how to craft a PIPboy?

take a pistol, after 2 hours playing pistols are junk loot for me and i despawn them on the ground

You can survive at night with just a torch and a bow. Its really not that hard as long as you play safe.

They could make it so a flare stays lit on your belt (when not active weapon but still on hot bar)

Because you don’t need to take up an inventory slot with a torch/flash light, and you don’t need to carry a gun to have a light. Just more choices and flexibility, I think it’s a good idea and it makes logical sense (Hmm, I have a flash light and a helmet, why not attach it to my helmet?)