Really freaky disappearing walls bug

anyone have any idea what’s going on? it happened a while ago on gm_flatgrass, the floor disappeared. We switched to gm_construct and it’s doing the same thing. it doesn’t happen at once but the walls disappear as time goes on.

Is this a source bug or what?

I was there. It is indeed a very weird bug.

I’m in the third pic! :woop:

I dunno, I also saw it… really odd, never happened for me in any server.

No worries, Just restart your PC.

It’s an flaw which allows doing that kind of stuff, The effects last for long time and can / will appear on other games using same materials.

So basically you were on a server where someone started exploiting everyones material data.

Note that it could also be caused by someone controlling your materials over data injection & forgein cloud / local. If the effects do not disappear by restarting then remove your gmod folder and everything in it. The steam will regenerate a clean gmod folder for you.

It might be some scripts fucking up rendering, check your addons.

You guys know this is on a dedicated server and EVERYONE can see this bug.

It’s not me :geno:

Someone told me that it was someone triggering the walls disappearing and I should remove the material tool. Any way around this…?

Like i said, It’s a flaw.

Find the guy doing it and ban his ass.

After this tell everyone to restart, and you should consider restarting your server aswell. But mainly this flaw only affects the client, But some tools can change that.

You should just understand that theres many ways you can exploit this, So it doesn’t necesary require someone using the material tool directly. Just look around and see if you see some asshole using it with material tool. The best way to see if someones exploiting this with a material tool is to see what they’re doing and checking your console time to time. When this exploit is used the affected prop should become invisible and the console should be spammed with errors.

You can try and set it to admin only… what admin mod are you using?

This is most likely an E2 exploit. I’ve seen a few codes that recolor the floor/walls of maps.