Really good clean/damaged glass textures.

What the title says, I need glass textures (bunch of them) ranging from clean nice ones to ones you will see in fallout and hl2 (dirty)

Anyone please, and the community would benifit from these as well.


i need this too. I just can’t seem to get my glass to look right.

Same, please anybody.

I can make them but I don’t think I have enough of ideas for them.
But someday I will try.


after some thinking … I will try something about these tomorrow or today evening.

All I need are basic windows like the ones that you see at houses or company offices, along with their dirty counter parts.

Something like this kinda glass is what i need:

transparent but super reflective wanna give that a shot?

I believe the Source Engine cannot render more then one reflective face that isn’t in perfect alignment with the rest.

If you want to do cubemap reflections only, then making a glass material really isn’t that hard. Just a very opaque white image with envmap_cubemap reflections.

Will the reflections be present when the glass is extremely transparent?