REALLY Left for Dead

Gave the term a more litteral meaning.

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The posing in the first one looks… Awkward? And also the muzzle flash needs a tiny bit of work, other than that, I like it.

Posing is ok on all the pictures, but I really like the last picture. Hunter pose is nice.

Tried to make it look like Louis shot the infected while he was running. The zombie Could’ve been posed better, yea, but they just lag up my computer so badly when i spawn one of their ragdolls D:

Wheres Zoey?

Nice pictures btw especially the last one!

Muzzleflash looks like it was made in Paint.

I’m going to only say this once.


The hunter pose is great, though it could have been framed better.
I think a better camera angle for the second pose would have the camera facing Francis and behind the infected, so we can see his facial expression.
The first one is good, but the shell is flying the wrong way. Unless he’s been swinging the gun to the right, but he’s running to the left.

Yea, i’m not too good with face poser and it usually takes me 35 minutes minimum to get a half decent expression going, and i thought that with the view from his perspective it would give a more frightening feel to the audience and give them a little bit of an imagination to how Francis feels and might look.

The shell just adds for better cinimatography :wink:

I like the posing.