Really long launch and connection times.

When I launch Garry’s Mod from steam, it takes a few minutes on the “Preparing to launch Garry’s Mod” window, then it launches the game. This only started happening recently.

Also, when I connect to a server, it takes ages around the “Retrieving server info” and “Sending client info” areas.

Any help?

i have the same problem, im not EXACTLY sure why it happens, especially considering i have a new gaming computer, but i think it has to do with a lack of connection to the steam network. does the performance after the launch window go bad too (when loading single-player or the main loading screen)? or is it just the “preparing to launch” and “retrieving server info”?

Yeah, it all seems slower than normal…
My whole computer slowed down a lot earlier as well ._.
I’ve just restarted

now after you launch garrys mod, quit, and then launch it again, does the launch time decrease dramatically? it does that for me, the only slow launch for me is the first one after a reboot

I think so, yeah… It’s really odd O-o

I have a hunch that it has something to do with the new update, would you say this whole thing started on feb 9, 2010?

I have the same problem. But it’s a little different, instead of moving stuff (The squares) It like freezes on “Retrieving Server Info” then unfreezes for a sec and freezed on “Sending Client Info” then it stays frozen for about 2-5 mins and unfreezes, it loads for a sec and it goes in to the game. Really annoying :S

The server has loads of addons / you have loads of addons. That slows the loading down.

Yeah, this happens to me as well, and it only started since the 9th February 2009… Interesting… Garry, if you read this, can you check if there’s anything wrong with the most recent update?

sounds accurate to me


Anyone else having the same problem? Anyone found a way to fix it?

have same problems and more. i think the only fix will be update/patch


Any idea what’s wrong, Garry?

Mine has got a bit better…
Loading times have gone pretty much back to normal (but still a long time >:( as usual)
But steam still takes a fair while to launch it >_<

is gmod the only game that is like this?

Usually that happens to me if I have a lot of addons and maps. I usually rename the old folder to like ‘garrysmod1’ and then when I start Garry’s Mod again it makes a fresh folder. Just don’t add a shit load of addons and it shouldn’t be slow.

Captain Om Nom: Yeah, the others all start up as normal. I think it’s got better now though; it seems to be loading faster…

Ninja_Duck: I have PHX3, Wiremod and Spacebuild 3 (with all necessary addons), so I know it’ll be slowed down by those. I host a server regularly with those on, so I’d rather not get rid of them.

My gmod is like this also, hope garry gets a new update.

I’m not sure that it’s Garry’s fault, because the game isn’t even launched yet. It’s something to do with Steam

Well we don’t fully know if it’s Steam’s or garry’s problem yet either. Ever since I updated my Gmod [with the new background screen at the main menu] it’s been having that long Preparing to Launch sign for like 15 minutes, I’m becoming impatient with this longetivity. Maybe it could be Steam (though my Steam just had an update a few hours ago, thinking that would fix the situation) but it’s still the same. Most of my friends who play Gmod also have the same problem, I just hope it gets fixed as soon as possible.