Really low FPS on a brand new Gaming laptop

I have a brand new gaming laptop:

However, any game runs fine on it except for RUST. I am getting about 5-10 FPS on this game.

Could anybody please explain to me why?

Because the game is still in Early Access and has not been optimized quite yet.

Yes but it should still rune somewhat well? It runs on my other PC with 60FPS and there is a GTX 680 in that.

Honestly, no idea. 99% of the time it comes down to the game not fully supporting laptop video drivers. I have an ASUS G55 with the GTX660 and it plays just fine at 60FPS so there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to as well.

The laptop I have can run Arma 3 at ultra with 30 FPS so why can’t it run fucking rust lol.

When I first got rust it would run at 5 frames when I first loaded the game. After a few minutes though I t would start running normally. Then after a few lag loadings it stopped forever. Have you tried sticking it out for a bit yet? Join a game and Iet it sit there for a while

From what I have seen before, what you need to do is create a gaming profile that will force the laptop to never use the integrated card and to use your good graphics card. I think you can do this in the nvidia control panel but I have never tried.

Its a laptop… They arent so optimized like desktops

Are you retarded? This is a gaming laptop, made for gaming. Probably better than most PC’s.


loooool thx for making my day, overheating problems etc. if you really want to play high end game desktop is always best choice unless you have 2-3k to spend. guess dota will run on it good :rolleyes:

gaming laptops aren’t nearly as powerful as you think

you must be that guy that thinks a laptop gtx 680 is exactly the same as a normal gtx 680

does the laptop run other games fine? like, try half life 2 to keep it simple as a baseline, then maybe something like dishonored or dead space or something heavyish (this should also show framerates in games, scroll down etc)

^ yeah its a gtx 680M, the m is for mobile version. You poor stupid soul 4leaf.

It still should be more then enough to run rust though.

It’s an 860M… Must be retarded not to check the link, and it can run any other game more than fine. Arma 3 Ultra. Arma 2 Very High.

Did you try creating a profile in the nvidia control panel to force the use of the gtx 860M as I suggested?

you sure love throwing “Retarded” around a lot, besides, anything can run those on ultra, its just a matter of how much frames it can get.

but it should easily run rust so that’s outside of the point anyways

I’d try running it low resolution for a while? There are many settings in console you should probably tinker with (may be more)

try turning them off and see it makes it any better, its less obvious than turning the graphics slider down.

Already tried that, I’m just aggrevated because people don’t read the thread and check out the info I provide them and then post stupid comments.

That’s just a bad joke.

You were the first one to say that it was a 680 in this thread, dumbass. Quit calling other people retarded when they’re just using the information that you provided.

No one here wants to help you because you’re being kind of an asshole about everything. It’s not our fault that Rust doesn’t run well on your laptop, it’s an unoptimized game, there’s plenty of hardware that it doesn’t work well on even when AAA games run great.

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Btw, just because it’s called a gaming laptop and has a colorful back-lit keyboard doesn’t make it “better than most PCs.” You’re deluding yourself if you really think that.