REALLY need house/foundation ownership

for the love of god plz make house ownership. or at least make it so ppl cant snap foundation to an already placed foundation if its not the same player. im not going to describe y because i dont want it to become the new way to get into houses, but lets just say they dont need explosives/axes anymore and its really pissing me off. cant have a house with anything but walls, doors and a Normandy spiked wall perimeter without getting raided. sucks either choosing from a 2x2 house or spending 12hrs building ur first house.

Bumping because look at its not even a priority. gun animations have more priority than this and thats jacked up. im tired of house griefers too. the person that placed a wall is the only one who can repair it so they already have some sort of sense of ownership setup. cant be THAT much more work to say “hey, u didn’t place this foundation ur snapping to so u cant build on this”. at least set it up until they get shared permissions for ownership. its better to have to build a house for each buddy in ur group than it is to have it get griefed and raided without breaking in with force.

it’s not a great thing, but placing ramps at the base of your foundations will give breathing room.