Really need some help about proportions.

Hey everyone. I just learned about Blender around 3 - 4 days now . Attempt to port a model from XNALARA to Gmod.
So after a few tries the model appear in-game but the proportions is wrong.

I already added a few line about proportions in .qc file. Seem like it doesn’t work.

Model Preview in Crowbar:


Have you tried importing another Playermodel and putting it next to yours? That would probably help a bit.

Thanks for your reply.

What do you mean another playermodel? Like reference file in /anims/ folder?


Post the QC, maybe it’s the IKChains

Thanks for reply.

I used default .qc that i exact from another model. The ragdoll is fine. but the playermodel look weird.
Here’s my .qc

Still need help. Can’t figure out . Even adding $includemodel :frowning:

Oh what am I saying IKChains, the problem is that Gmod’s animations are just bone positions and rotations, if it uses the same set of bones (valvebiped) which it does, the bones will be set in the standard positions, stretching smaller playermodels and making an unearthly abominations if they’re bigger, what you need to do is use the PROPORTION TRICK, you can learn more here:
or here if that’s too ugly: