Really not sure whats going on...

So I bought Rust around 5-6 days ago now and I’ve been really enjoying playing it and having lots of fun but I keep running into this same issue that I just can’t stand. Game bugs I can take, glitches sure but when my game freezes to the point that I have to turn my laptop of in order to make it use able again that’s just plain annoying.

I’m not mad or having a go at anyone just a little frustrated as this laptop is only 3 weeks old and has worked almost flawlessly for other games such as Lol and Banished on mid to max settings, Anyways what happens is I’ll be playing I’ll get a FPS drop from my average 12-15 to around 2-3 then it will just screen and the picture won’t move and the speaker will start making like a buzzing noise, It doesn’t happen massively often I’d say every hour or so sometimes less sometimes more.

Here’s a link to what Laptop I own with the specs at the Side,

If you can’t be arsed clicking then link then…

Type Laptop
Operating system Windows 8.1/(64-bit)
Processor - Intel® Core™ i3-5010U Processor

  • Dual-core
  • 2.1 GHz
  • 3 MB cache
    Memory (RAM) 8 GB DDR3L
    Storage 1 TB HDD, 5400 rpm
    Screen size 15.6"
    Screen type LCD
    Resolution 1366 x 768
    Touchscreen No
    Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
    Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
    USB - USB 3.0 x 2
  • USB 2.0 x 1
    Video interface HDMI x 1
    Audio interface 3.5 mm jack
    Optical disc drive DVD/RW
    Memory card reader SD card reader
    Sound Beats Audio
    Speakers Integrated stereo speakers
    Camera Integrated HP TrueVision webcam
    Microphone Yes
    Mouse / trackpad HP ImagePad
    Keyboard Full-size island-style keyboard with numeric keyboard
    Security features Kensington MicroSaver lock slot
    Battery type 4-cell Lithium-ion
    Battery life Up to 6 hours
    Colour Blue
    Box contents - HP Pavilion 15-p247sa 15.6” Laptop
  • AC power adapter
  • Quick start guide
    Dimensions 23.9 x 384.5 x 260.2 mm (H x W x D )
    Weight 2.27 kg
    Manufacturer’s guarantee 1 year
    Software included - Adobe Shockwave Player
  • CyberLink Media Suite
  • CyberLink PowerBackup
  • Evernote
  • Foxit PhantomPDF Express for HP
  • Mahjong
  • mysms
  • Netflix
  • Skype
  • Solitaire
  • TripAdvisor
  • 7-Zip

any help or advice would be very much appreciated I assure you as I’m not very good with computers.

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Also I tried re installing both steam and rust made no difference

see the other threads… seems to be an issue atm

The game is insanely demanding on hardware. My bet is your pc is just not upto scratch with rendering the sheer amount of game objects in the world and when you come to an area loaded with user created objects your pc just does a 360 “Nope!” and rolls over.

My pc is… expensive… very expensive… and even i get fps lag in heavily built areas, planes are also very laggy when looking at them directly before they make the drop. After the drop the fps picks back up.

Forest areas are particularly ugh, and once the desert is built up with bases especially around the rad towns it can take time to load things in even with max draw distance and standing 50 meters from them.

Your specs seem kind of low imo. They were entry level hardware 5 years even more ago. You just need to upgrade bud.

My girlfriend has exactly the same pc but not with the latest Intel core 5030 the model down and hers hasn’t done it once so I don’t think it’s my specs

How much memory is dedicated to the gfx card?

I have no idea… I updated all my drivers last night though to check if that was an issuie

Go to the bios and try dedicate 1gb of memory to it.

Right will do!

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Had a look online and you seem to have a good point my laptop has a lot of spare memory with the 8GB of ram and I don’t think allowing my graphics card 1gb would hinder my multi tasking much if at all…

A dual-core i3 is scraping the edge of the minimum specifications as published on Rust’s Steam store page (which simply says “2GHz”). You’ve got a decent laptop, but unfortunately it’s not exactly a gaming laptop. LoL is a bit of an older, and less demanding, game, and so on. It’s not exactly a fair comparison. CS:GO would be a more appropriate comparison.

On top of that, the performance in the game is not where it should be, so that’ll be adding to your troubles. (CS:GO would probably run better than Rust right now.)

I’d run the game at a lower-than-native resolution and turn the settings down to try and lighten the burden on your laptop, but you’re only going to be able to do so much between the hardware limitations and Rust’s performance issues.

Thanks a lot answers a few of my questions um one last question when you say less than native resolution what would you recommend I currently use the largest resolution and the “fastest option”

Come to think of it,

Leave the resolution as-is. Any smaller and you’ll have problems with UI getting cut off, unless the devs have fixed that (and they may have with recent patches).

Hit F2 in Rust to bring up the in-game settings menu, which will allow you to turn various graphics options down. The Unity launcher that goes through settings like Fastest, Normal, Beautiful, Fantastic, etc. doesn’t control most of the F2 settings.

As of the latest patch, some people are reporting that some of these settings don’t actually do anything (when before they did), so your experience may not be the most satisfactory at the moment.