Really, Really annoyaning crash. Please help.

Ok, lately I’ve been having this random crash. Here is it:

It is completely random. And very, very frustrating. I spent 2 hours on something just to have it crash.

It means Garry’s Mod is using more ram than its been assigned. There is a command to fix this, but I don’t know it.
If your ram is less than 2gb, then get a bit more. Thats a suggestion.

Oh joy. Do you now how to tell how much ram I have?

I have 2.5GB of ram, so how do I fix it now?

Anyone? This crash pretty limits me- I can’t click on really anything in Wire without crashing.

The only known fix for this is to use Windows 7.

Try ending background applications and perhaps try running the game in DX8 mode.

This is either a problem with bad RAM or interfering programs running in the background.

Try closing all programs that are running besides Garry’s Mod and Steam when you play.

How do I change the DX mode?
And I’ll try without running anything else in the background, I usually have iTunes and the internet open because I run it in-window.


With nothing in the background it still crashed when I entered the button menu in Wire.

Well I recently installed SB3, LS, and RD and its been crashing a lot more than usual. But, I’ve also installed a lot of other addons. Could this have anything to do with addons?
And if this is a problem with not having enough RAM, I’m screwed because my computer is maxed out.

I think it is an addon problem.

What it’s saying, is that one of the addresses, or “cubby-holes”, in your RAM (memory) is trying to be read by something in GMod, but it can’t for some reason or another.

I would recommend trying installing only Wire and seeing if it works.

OK, I’ll try that.

It’s not a RAM problem, it’s an issue with Windows XP and GMod. Exactly what the issue is is unknown.

Even if it IS an issue with XP and Garry’s Mod, it still has to do with Garry’s Mod trying to read from a spot in the RAM, but it can’t.

The problem is poor memory management. Either in Garry’s Mod’s code, or in XP’s code. If it only happens in XP, it could still be Garry’s Mod’s fault because different operating systems and processors handle memory differently, and a good program needs to accommodate for as much of the diversity as possible.

I’m not saying Garry is a bad coder at all, I’m just saying he may have missed something while coding Garry’s Mod.

So… how do I fix it?

I’ve had this problem as well. It’s stopped for some reason, but I think I know why. If it doesn’t work, sorry.
Try defragmentating you cache files (Right-Click on Garry’s Mod in your Steam Games list>Properties>Local Game Files>Defragment Cache Files… + View Integrity of game cache…)
Seemed to work for me. You?

Nope. Still nothing.

Here is what I did, make a shortcut of the game somewhere (unless you already have one) then after the -applaunch whatever type these

-dxlevel (80 for 8, 90 for 9 etc) -heapsize (~half your ram size, to find it press windows key + pause/break) -noipx -

and like they said have no background apps running.


Your other choice is to simply upgrade to windows 7, I used to have these error ALL THE TIME and it was pissing me off. Then upgraded to windows 7 and not a single referenced memory error crash.

I have this too -_- It occurs randomly when I open a prop list.

addons seems to indeed have an effect. the more addons, the more files gmod needs to access at one time which uses more ram.

Well I went through and deleted everything I don’t use regularly or don’t need, now the size is down to 35 files at 2.77GB, before it was like 75 files at 6GB…
But I can try deleting SB3, LS3, and RD3, because recently since I installed those it’s been happening a lot more.

I am playing gmod on max graphics the game will alow me with 1 gig of ram and it dosent crash or lag. From what i see its a generating spawn icon crash, dont open menus you havent before, you crash cause of the icons, if im right. Their was a command to fix this, i dont remember it, though, search around on the forums.

PS. I ment dont open new addon menus, you can open the default ones. Its from addons.
PPS. The best way is to re-install gmod and dont install stuff onto it, not only will there be no crash, it will load almost instantly when you load singleplayer.