Really, Really annoyaning crash. Please help.

Its not spawn icons, Its never happened with them.



to your advanced launch options.

Why? I like playing in windowed. Also, fullscreen is default.

Yeah, its fullscreen now, and I cleans it out, I think it fixed it, it doesn’t crash when I try to open the buttons menu.

Ok, well today it crashed like three times. First time when I tried to re-open it after I minimized it, second and third time it was random. Also, even more strange thing happened, SDK/Hammer crashed when I tried to open a .vmf.

:crossarms: Huh?

I tried this. It didn’t work.

windows 7 has issues with Gmod, run using Xp virtual OS

same here

I belive its because garry couldnt be arsed to PRELOAD the files from the gfc, its like. IM LOADING A FILE FROM THE GFC NO WAIT FUCK! I CANT HANDLE THIS!!! “crash”

I belive THAT is the main reason, im not 100% sure but im pretty damn sure thats the reason. Because i have crashed over about 100 fucking times… I just dont understand why garry DOESNT HEAR US!

No it doesn’t.


Did you really need to correct me?