Really Really Really weird compiling issues.

My map is acting retarded. How do i fix all of these below? Just go thru the pic library. Help is much appreciated.
Pic 1:
problem with that thingy as u can see
Pic 2:
just randomly it decided this is a nodraw material even though its not.
Pic 3-4-5:
very bad lighting. Should i add in this area a new env_sun? i mean its far from the env_sun in the city.
Pic 6:
Water. All the water in the map does this shit.
Pic 7:
weird skies glitch.

Also sounds aren’t played. Any idea? I’m compiling it all on normal. Not fast/no.

Also, what is the tool material called to block players+props? because i did the CLIP material and it still wont block props only people.

you have areaportal brushes but they arent tied to func_areaportal is my guess

easy way to check this:
you have two areaportal checkboxes in the visgroups box, one capitalized and one not

this is probably causing most of your other issues

I’ll just remove them. Thanks.

EDIT: Actually what can i do to fix it?

Tie the areaportal brushes to func_areaportal entities using CTRL+T.

It would be such a pain in the ass doing that one by one… Can i just remove them all? Do you have any idea how?

All people who make maps with areaportals go through making each and every areaportal into a func_areaportal, the way to do it without having to figure out where each one is is just tie one to func_areaportal when you first make one.

You could select every single areaportal in the map at the same time and hit Ctrl+T and turn it into func_areaportal, but that would most likely screw up everything because then all those areaportals would count as only one areaportal, so don’t do this unless you really don’t care about your map - I’d just turn every single one of them slowly into func_areaportals rather than remove them if i were you

In notepad replaced their textures with tools/toolstrigger, i really have no time for this. How would this affect my map tho?

Dude, you have no time to make your map work properly? In the two hours between your responses, you could’ve made the brushes into func_areaportals five times over. Stop being lazy.

I don’t even understand how you have so many areaportals that it would take more than 10 minutes to tie them all to entities? It’s literally click areaportal brush control t choose func_areaportal, and anything beyond that is unnecessary. Doing it per brush is not going to waste that much time.

If you have a brajillion areaportals you’re going to lose performance anyway, not gain it.

Notepad++ counted 980.
I really have got no time for this, also its not the issue as i changed it to toolstrigger and it still shows up like that. I’ll fix it later, most of what you all said here is wrong…

“I don’t have time to map properly so I’ll just remove optimization.”

It counted 980 faces, not 980 brushes.
Also, you have time, you’re just lazy. We’re not wrong, you’re just lazy.

Who are you to say if i have time or not…? When i say so, i mean it, also i’m so not going to attach functions to 245 brushes. I’m very busy and doing this will really slow me down on my project. It shouldn’t affect much my map. Stop whining.

Holy shit. This post fucking infuriates me. Don’t act so stuck up, don’t say “oh im a busy man”, you want help for a map and it’s been given to you, don’t refuse to use it. More and more people are acting as if they’re entitled to help, as if mappers who give them assistance are doing it because it’s their duty. When it comes to mapping, you can’t be lazy - fix every detail you can, especially something like this.

Hey guys, here’s a thought:

Let him be lazy.

Lazy mappers make lazy maps.

If he doesn’t have the time to make his map good, then others won’t have the time to play his map. It’s pretty simple, really.

This will severely affect your map (because no optimization) and will lay the groundwork for you to make stupid mapping decisions in the future.

This thread has basically been answered though. You got the answer to your problem, and refuse to solve it properly, which is ultimately your decision. Good luck with that one.

Just a side note; It’s not the issue. There was a leak, now you all made me change it to trigger and now i really have to do the areaportal thing. Cheers. Fuck my life.

Yes, cause we were all there holding you down while each of us took turns to change the areaportals into something else one at a time. Blaming everyone else for your own shortcomings is pathetic.

Well guess you’re right. I think we can leave this thread now, and i’ll be off fixing all the shit i’ve done.

Wait so each of your brushes has 4 faces only? You made a map entirely from tetrahedrons?

My hat comes of to you! IS that where all your time went? into the compile?