Really scared right now!!

I was playing my gamemode and typed reload in the console, and none of the stuff like the team menu or starting guns are starting up.
It simply starts off as sandbox, and when i go back to change the gamemode, it still stays sandbox :frowning:
Can anyone help me with this issue? I have been spending a lot of time on this, and if it goes to waste, I will explode.
Thanks a lot!!

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yes, i have tried a restart of GMOD

reload destroys your gamemode and all of the files.
it may appear they are there, but they are a scrambled piece of junk to garrys mod.

you may have to contact garry to have him restore them.
hes the only one.

I am so sorry guys! I fixed the issue, I was playing gmod with notepad in the background and put a bunch of W’s,S’s,A’s, and D’s in my code.
Can an admin please remove this post?
Sorryz :frowning:

Thats really Funny, I did that too before Ha…