Really strange compile

I have a AMD phenom x3 triple core, and a Intel P4 2.6 ghz Single Core HT. Now they both compile the same map, except the Intel beats the AMD by 4 minutes. Like wtf??

What’s the clock speed on your broken quad core?

Its not a quad, its a 3 core…Its 2.4 ghz.

The intel is a one core.

Not sure exactly what’s going on here, but I do know that the P4 is clocked higher, and therefore, can process faster. Now I’m not sure if the HT P4’s will actually show 2 threads while compiling, but because of the time difference, I can assume that would be a yes. So you have 2 threads compiling at 2.6GHz for the P4 and 3 threads compiling at 2.4GHz for the X3. Even though the X3 has more cores, the P4 still processes faster, and the difference between 2 and 3 threads is not much. So really, unless you overclock the X3, it’s actually going to compile slower.

Still kinda funny how that worked out.

Yea, I would agree…This intel is packed full of shit, but its still able to compile maps, and lots of others at the same time. The AMD laggs ALOT. It takes between 10 - 60 minutes to compile. Secondary intel takes 10 - 20 depends on the size of the map… Its really strange… :\

K thanks alot…

if it’s a self-built computer, did you properly apply thermal paste and make sure the heatsink was placed properly and screwed in tightly?

Don’t assume the processors have the same performance; they’re different designs internally and as such will perform differently for some programs. CPU clock speed isn’t everything; Don’t forget to check the computer’s FSB, RAM speed, Caches, etc. Even the amount of RAM you have can make a difference.

good point… if his FSB is underclocked for some reason, it would be really slow.

Both machines a custom made, so yea. The AMD I use for gaming, I might just use the intel for mapping.

Both machines have the EXACT same parts. Except one is a intel board with a intel chip, the other is a AMD with a newer supply…

They both have 1 gb of memory, excpet the AMD cache is like 1.2 mbs, the intel one is around 800k