Really stupid question, but...

Ok, Im not even completely sure I should be here as opposed the help and support section, but for the past few days me and my friend, who just got gmod, have been trying to create a gmod multiplayer game and invite the other to it, and we have, but every time either one of us clicks on the invite it always says the server isnt responding; I tried this with another friend and the same thing happened. And we can all join online TF 2 games, so its not our connections. Does one of us actually need to rent a server for this to work? I know we could just join one of the other ones already there, but we were trying to have a private game. Oh, and since I’ve never gotten this to work, will he get all the extra stuff I have in my game? Like all the addons and stuff?

You need to foward your ports and give each other your WAN IPs from

erm, perhaps there’s a different way to say that? I mean I sure most people on here would understand that, but Im a little… naive. Sorry. >_>

It’s pretty simple:

  1. Go to
  2. Login, usually admin admin, admin password, admin passwd, or admin changeme
  3. Find attatched devices
  4. Find your computer in the list: note down the 192.168.1.? next to it.
  5. Go to port forwarding
  6. Add a new one: UDP, enter the 192.168.1.? number there and the port the game uses in start and end (default i think is 27015)
    Done. (after you click finish/add of coarse)

ok, ty, as soon as I find out what the hell my username and password are, Im sure I’ll be fine. Ah well, ty anyway.

Oh yeah its usually in the manuel if u have one or you can google the model of it and u can probably find the default. Though its recommended to change it, if you have a wireless network. Once i went into my neighbors wireless network that didn’t have a password and i did and i did admin admin and i changed their network name and put a password on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ur such a nice person. J/k, thanks, although I tried admin admin and it didnt work. when I typed one letter in the password 3 *s came up for each, but I that’s supposed to happen, right? Anyway, I’ll just ask my parents when they get home. Thanks for the help.