Really want to play Rust

I have been watching Psisyndicate play this game, I wait all the time for him just to put up a new video on it.
this game looks great and I really want to play it, i’ll be waiting for those beta guys. :smiley:

Beta keys are illegal in the U.S.

Most people who have keys want to just play it to rather than test

Well lucky i’m not in the US

1st beta keys are not illegal in the Us cause I currently have 1
2nd if you want a better chance at getting a beta key buy facepunch gold
there are more chances of keys being posted on the gold forum

How much is Gold?


True that.

So if I was to buy gold what would the chances of getting a Beta key be?

whatever Garry wants it to be

Most people here wind you up when you ask for a key.
There is no greater chance in getting a beta key from buying a gold account! Period. Its a myth.
The account gold is for the whole forum complex, not just for this game called Rust.
so don’t be sucked into buying a gold account…Unless that is, you want to be a full member of the other **** in this united forum.
Think of this Forum like a shopping mall, its full of other crap, its not run on one subject or is it created for an individual game or program, its for many many things.
So do not be fooled into buying a gold account for the sake of a beta key.

garry just posted 10 keys in the gmf

I do not believe you, why wouldn’t he advertise it then?

he does not want 8 year old idiots in the gmf who will do stupid shit with their parents credit cards to get a fucking key

Why would he advertise it to people who aren’t GM?

because that would encourage more revenue. if it were true.

send me the URL PLEASE!

Don’t believe them, you’ll get rolled.

Is Rust going to be put on kick starter or green light to help out.