REALLY Weird Problem

This is something that has been bothering me for quite some time now. I was playing GMod Tower and I noticed all the screens were black, so I went to the website. It told me to download a Flashplayer Plugin. So I did, but when I started up GMod again, my normal health bar was there (In GMT) and I couldn’t interact with anything. So I tried NoxiousNet ZS, and it had the same problem (Also, I was holding guns with my left hand, couldn’t open any menus or change weapons). Even the GMod tutorials wouldn’t work! But THEN, I joined a DarkRP server and it worked perfectly! After some tinkering around, I somehow managed to get the tutorials working again, but ZS and GMT still had problems. Does anyone have an idea of how to help me?

EDIT: Oh yeah, when I tried to start a local ZS server, it was fine! I also think that DarkRP is the only working multiplayer gamemode.


Try getting flash from here:

Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but my question hasn’t been answered. So I’ll provide a few more details. I already HAD Flash before I downloaded that plugin, which was an official Adobe plugin for “other browsers”. But for some odd reason, the Gmod Tutorials work while every gamemode (except DarkRP) doesn’t. I beg someone for an answer this, as it annoys me to no end.

Also, I really don’t think cleaning Gmod will work either.

Did you reinstall gmod?

If not, do it.

That’s pretty much the same thing as cleaning it, isn’t it? Anyway, I don’t think the problem is with Gmod, it might have something to do with the plugin.