Really weird question...

If in an update ALL they did was take something away (e.g a redundant texture) would you download -5.3 Mb or what…

Textures usually repeat.


Sorry, I read that wrong.

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Anyway either you would have the texture deleted or left there for no use.

@ Ceil


Yes you can have a download for that as you maybe downloading a small file that will delete whatever it is that needs to be deleted and in most cases the file will delete itself as well.

A download of negative size is impossible.

That’s like giving someone negative minutes of music on a CD.

If anything, that implies a download that is in fact an UPLOAD, as if, in order to get rid of the redundant files, we have to give them back to the Steam content server they were downloaded from. Fortunately, computers and data duplication don’t work this way most of the time.

Actual answer:

If a patch was issued and the only thing it did was remove redundant data, then one of two things (or both at once) would happen:

  • If the redundant data was entire files in the Rust game folder, they’d just be deleted
  • If the redundant data was part of a larger data file (e.g. some textures out of one packed texture data file), then the new version of the file will get downloaded to replace the old one, or the parts that change will be downloaded if the updater handles delta updates

In the first case, you might see an update for 0MB because all it did was delete files. In the second case, the update size will be bigger than 0, and not negative, because you’re downloading the replacement data files and getting rid of the older versions.

In either case, Steam will not tell you that the size of the update was negative. You would have to look at the space used on disk before and after to tell the difference.

I never said anything about downloading a negative . i pretty much just said what your first point was.

since unity is a packaged file system anyways

removing a texture would require redownloading the bundle anyways

This post also assumes that what’s listed in the update post is all that’s in the update.

It could be they removed some redundant texture, but did some minor code tweaks which weren’t worth mentioning. They could’ve upgraded security (but didn’t announce it so hackers weren’t made aware). Or they could’ve broken a patch into two pieces and sent out some things for players to download without necessarily activating them, so that the next patch isn’t “huge”.