Ok let me see if i get.
I just spend many hours getting resources, build a house with metal doors on lats room (5 on total) i got a box with some stuff and sleepbag.
So my client got disconeccted and when i came back i was naked and someone destroyed all my doors and got my stuff.

If when we got disconecct our body can be looted and metal doors or wood walls can be destroyed. There is no way to get stuffs save?
You can just lose all stuff in a second?

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That’s called sleeper. It is on always unless the server says otherwise. If you think that is too much of a risk, play on a no sleeper server.

how i find a no sleeper server

ok no sleeper server means you cannot be looted when you got disconnected?

The people that killed you in your sleep also have to sleep at some point as well. Get your stuff back!

It means they can’t kill you and loot your body, they can still loot your chests.