Realm: Menu (autorun/hooks)

Hi, is there an autorun for menu realm?

or is it possible to send menu realm luas to clients?

lua/menu/errors.lua modified to send to
google form + google sheet example:

You can’t send code to a client’s Menu state. This is (presumably) because some functions are restricted to this state and would probably be dangerous if allowed to be ran freely.

yeah, thats why i ask, if there is a hook on client or server realm or if the errors are stored somewhere

Your server’s and client’s errors are saved in a .txt file on your server.

thanks :slight_smile:
clientside_errors.txt <- for clients
and server?

but there is no hook for that right (“luaerror”) or a hook that is adding the errors into this files?

You can make the server save the console log to a file too, con_debug 1 or smth, and CTRL+F that.

You don’t need to check it all that often so it shouldnt be a problem.

You shouldn’t directly modify includes, it’s better to detour them in another file because if another update comes out, your files may be overwritten.

It’s -condebug in launch options IIRC.