RealMod - Play how YOU want

Here’s the front page of the WIP thread, so no one has to look around for it, and so I don’t have to rewrite it all:

And here’s an update from that:

[ul][li]A fully dynamic mutator system - Simple to create, install, and run mutators, even custom-made ones.
[/li][li]A derma VGUI panel for choosing your mutators. If you have a lot of them at once, they should become a scrollbar (according to The Ultimate Guide To Derma, which I used to create the Derma panel.)
[/li][li]Twelve mutators, made by me over a time period of a week, for you to enjoy in any way you want.
[/li][li]Playability in any single-player situation (some compatability bugs are bound to happen, but for the most part should be playable.)
[/li][li]A working confliction-prevention system: Some mutators conflict with each other, and so can’t be ran at the same time - and mutators are grayed out if anything they conflict with are enabled.
[/li][li]A mutator saving system, so you don’t have to reload your mutators each time the map changes (hit ‘Confirm’ in the mutator panel with nothing on to clear that.)

The final build of the Mutators menu. The checkbox to the left of the mutator button shows whether it is enabled or disabled.

Some things to take note of:
[ul][li]Posse is kinda buggy sometimes, like citizens will spawn in walls and such.
[/li][li]Rambo is kinda buggy, too. Sometimes the no-more-than-two-weapons-at-a-time thing bugs out. It should remain stable enough for you to play, though.
[/li][li]I’m done making mutators for this. I made 12 of them, and I spent a week out of my time, of which I could have used on other things, to make these 12. If you want new ones, either make them yourself or download a user-made mutator.[/ul]
If you want to make your own mutator, either for yourself or for others to enjoy, I highly recommend it!

PM me your mutators that you make, in either [noparse][lua][/noparse] tags or uploaded format (I don't really care) if you want me to put them up for download here for others. Every few days, or when I get about 3-6 custom mutators, I'll make compilations of them and host them here for everyone to download, with proper credits given to their authors.

I hope to see some mutators made that will change this from a mainly singleplayer orientation to a more cooperative style of mutator system, or maybe even a full-out deathmatch system.

If I get enough people willing to make mutators for coop/deathmatch gameplay, I can change the code to only allow admins to change mutators (server hosts can do this, too.)

This is an entirely open-source mod. You can use any part of this code in your gamemodes and such as you want. If you’re going to use my mutator system (loading, running, caching, deactivating, anything that’s involved with the mutators), either directly or as a base, I would like some credit for it, since it took me several days just getting that to work.

Download RealMod v1.000000
Download includes:[ul]
[li]Core script.
[/li][li]Base mutator.
[/li][li]Twelve mutators, including:[list][/li][li]Synthetic Armor
[/li][li]Morbid Flesh
[/li][li]Alien Carapace
[/li][li]Metrocop Guns
[/li][li]No Headcrabs
[/li][li]Realistic Zombies
[/li][li]Realistic NPC Armor

Remember: If you want to make your own mutators, you are **more than encouraged** to do so, and PM me your finished products if you want them to be released!


If you want, you COULD post them here in this thread, and I can grab them myself. I only want you to PM them to me since a lot of people don’t read the thread, and will ask stupid questions regarding non-default Mutators that are in this thread, without reading the thread and only the first post.

Giving me them would allow me to put them on the first post, making the thread a bit less cluttered.


Nice job. I like idea of mutators.

This sounds real interesting, and would give non-Lua guys like myself something to create.

You still need to know a little bit of Lua, but not as much as you would for making a full-blown gamemode.

This is also a great way to test out your Lua skills, if you’re learning. :smiley:

This is awesome. Seems extremely flexible as far as mutators go.
Have a lua king.

Can this make it so my headshots don’t kill everything?
I gave a metropolice a billion health. One shot. He died.

Great idea, I’ve always missed mutators in games since UT99. What with the staggering number of singleplayer gamemodes, cough, this feature will stand out nicely.

Once things are sorted, making it compatible with the coop “Half Life 2 Campaign” gamemode would cut down on work, if you could collaborate with it’s creators and actually wanted to take it down that route.


I now have something to do when I’m offline and bored of Half-Life 2 and Smod.


I randomly made two scripts last night, mainly to see how the mutator scripts work. One’s simply an edited version of your “No Headcrabs” script, except for health kits/vials, batteries, and chargers, for that extra challenge :smiley: The other is a modified version of a weapon replacement script, that I found on these forums (I dunno who made it, it was in a request thread, sorry :(), that changes most of your HL2 weapons to CSE variants.

I’m not going to be releasing them, since, essentially, they’re modified from other people’s scripts. Plus, it’s for my own enjoyment. :stuck_out_tongue:


What hooks are supported by the mutators? Also, could you perhaps move the defining of the table MUTATOR to outside the file? It looks better that way, and then you don’t need to do the MakeMutator calls.

Also, for your npc replacement, make sure to grab ALL the keyvalues so you don’t lose any of the settings the mapper had, like squads, number of grenades, if the NPC can join your squad or not, etc…

Other than those gripes, excellently done and nice job.

Hey guys How do i install it. I’ve tried to put it in my sandbox folder but no luck. please help

thank you

Don’t you think you should tell us how to install the mod before asking us to make custom mutators?

Edit: I feel like an absolute idiot, the answer couldn’t be simpler. Now, time for a request: a mutator that enables the spawn menu.

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This really is an awesome little thing you’ve got going here. If this became more standardized then it would really add to the game, I think. I’ve started taking some of the miniature game modifications I’ve downloaded and porting them into this format.
Oh also, is there anything that makes this inherently unable to run in multiplayer?

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Cool. Thanks for this awesome post, man.

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Also, no, there is nothing that should restrict this from working in multiplayer, it’s just the mutators were designed with single-player in mind.

No guarantees all the mutators work well in multiplayer, though.

I’d love to know where to install this mod, I’m breaking my ass off looking for it and I simply can’t find where to put it.

it’s a gamemode, put it in GAMEMODES