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    I am making a suggestion thread i need to know what i should truly add to DarkRP…

This thread isn’t really substantial in the slightest, and I’ll sure go on ahead and say it’s not different, because this has all been done before, plenty of times. And DarkRP is a pretty horrible foundation to build anything on.

So what are you actually changing? You make Weapons "really’’ expensive (800$ which is extremely easy to earn in darkRP) but you are adding military jobs doesn’t that just defeat the purpose?

And how is it realistic that you can’t buy weapons at certain times?


Hey i remember you from that Flatgrass server

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goddamn you were annoying

I would still call this DarkRP.

Can’t agree more, this is just another Darkrp edit?

Okay 1 - dont play on flatgrass ever, 2 - it will be DarkRP yes, but with a lot of extras i dont mean jobs i mean actuall gameplay edits (idk about gui change tho)

srry for bad spelling i am in hurry…

So what are those changes?

I would like a list of the jobs so far?

I suspect of troll OP. :rolleyes:

no he really was in some kind of RP the other day

it was actually closer to you cant open the spawn menu and only use the gravity and physgun

What?? are you talking about me?? lol, you lost me there Dr. Awkward. I don’t know of any server i have ever been in like that…

Don’t like it, don’t bump the thread. Let him develop it and maybe one day -someone- will make darkRP worthwhile