Realtek Audio (Lenovo Computer) Problems!!!!! BIG PROBLEM!! on Voice Chat

I have been doing a lot of research now and there have been many threads on different websites. Whenever we press “v” to enable voice chat, the game freezes! We have concluded that the majority of the people with this problem are the people with realtek audio (the default for Lenovo). The sound drivers are all up to date, so that is not the issue. This problem has been haunting for a while now, yet only a small number of people have reported this because not many people have Lenovo. It puts us in a disadvantage, because whenever we try to speak in a bad situation, the game freezes, and, meanwhile, we are being diced by cannibals. PLEASE HELP!!! The problem is most likely in the game… Rust is not 100% compatible with realtek audio?

I doubt that because not only lenovo is using realtek.

omg! I had this problem a few months ago and I fixed it! Will post back wen I get on my computer tomorrow!

Okay sorry for a long response, i totally forgot :stuck_out_tongue: However, can you take a screenshot of your bottom right? Like the tray menu and stuff.