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The Reapers, known by the geth as the Old Machines, are a highly advanced machine race of synthetic/organic starships. The Reapers reside in dark space, the vast, mostly starless space between galaxies. They hibernate there, dormant for thousands of years, before they are given the signal to return. Their origins are completely unknown. The first Reaper known to have communicated with organic life, referred to by Saren Arterius as Sovereign, claimed that the Reapers have neither beginning nor end. Even their true name is a mystery; “Reapers” was a name bestowed by the Protheans, and Sovereign stated that whatever the Protheans chose to call them is irrelevant: “we simply… are.”

Sovereign also reveals that the Reapers were the original creators of the Citadel and the mass relay network. These massive constructs exist so that any intelligent life in the galaxy would eventually discover them and base their technology upon them – all part of a scheme to harvest the galaxy’s sentient life in a repeating cycle of purges that has continued relentlessly over countless millennia.

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…Where did my pictures go?

This really didn’t need a thread… you just used Construct and spawned a lot of Reapers…

It might be better if you didn’t just duplicate them and made their poses and heights different.

And if you used a different map and angle, gm_construct is pretty bad for posing unless you use it properly.


I’ll try one different map,such as that one space thing,which I forgot the name of,And try adding more stuff,as in the normandy and some fleets.

You ought to give the direct link to the imagei n the tags



I read this thread title, “Rapers!”

Pretty boring.

Pattycake Shepard should deal with shit like this.

they look kind of like they’re break-dancing