Rear Echelon

I had been waiting for a tripod mounted MG42 for a long time now. Figured I’d give it a shot!

I know it’s snow n’all but I feel like the whites are too prevalent and it washes out the picture, bleeding foreground and mid-ground elements into background elements. It makes it a bit difficult to look at. To be honest I wouldn’t know personally how to fix it, but I’d try contrasting the uniforms more either through lighting or in post. However, I really like how this is shot. At first glance the MG-42 feels like an indifferent element among the rest if the group, but the way it’s placed subtly draws the eye back to it due to their uniforms and the feeling of activity. Intended or not, the guys in full-white camo help center the MG, and as a result it focuses the picture. It’s nicely thought out and the shot is fantastic (as usual), but it just needs that extra pizzaz with colours.

Angle’s interesting. Also, what grass is that and where can I download it? I don’t recognize it, and it seems like exactly what I need

i think its one of grass in BF1 Props pack by Hauptmann

It’s some grass I ported from BF1, you can get it there :

Awesome, thanks

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also amazing job porting these assets

Made me think about Combat Mission : Final Blitzkrieg. Great pic as usual Jim !