Reason to live

of course we all want to live, keep our precious resources and make sure that the buatifull metal base is fine. but in rust you dont really value other peoples lives as much as your own. i think thats the general nature of the not friendly community on servers in rust. of course there are exception but lets keep in generalised.

i would like a change in rust where you value someone else’s lives too.
let me know if you have an idea to what that could be

Imagine real life with no rules… then you have Rust (regarding value your own life and others).

As long you have the risk of loosing anything you have by just a single mouse click from another player, then most players will continue to be suspicious of others and/or shoot first, ask questions later.

Perhaps some gods of rust could be introduced, like a religion. Maybe rituals and/or good behavior will inspire gifts from the gods.

In real life, a community is formed when the members of that group slaughter those who stand in their path. Think of the colonists.

In Rust, people respawn. As a result, there will always be conflict. Sorry

Why not to make us buy a rust every time we killed, it will be funny :smiley:

Buy the game again???

Sounds like a fantastic idea, maybe as a server admin I should sell godmode for half the price of a new game… sarcasm off :cool:

It seems “the golden rule” of do unto others…doesn’t apply when you’re playing Rust. People use this game as an excuse to be a jerk/bully/dickbag.

In reality, though, there are people out there I’ve run into - in real life - who looked suspicious. Who may have hurt me. Who threatened me. But, I didn’t kill them and harvest their organs. Nor did I waste what could have potentially been over an hour of their day by “resetting” their progress via stealing their loot/resources.

Mainly because I’m not an asshole. And most Rust players are.

Now, like you mentioned, there ARE exceptions - and what I’ve noticed is that the game is much more enjoyable when you find the other like-minded non-dickbag players, and band together.

Mentor other newbies who have just bought Rust, and teach them the difference between being careful, and being a jerk. Because honestly, while kids LOL about making people “ragequit” - that probably doesn’t serve as good advertising for the game when that kid tells his friends how much the game sucks. And it probably doesn’t get more copies sold.

More complaints about dickbag players = more negative word of mouth = less people buying Rust = less development for the rest of us.

It’s kind of embarrassing running to other gamers who hear I’m playing Rust, and all they have heard about it is how shitty/mean the players are. Way to represent, guys.

Join a clan, Problem solved

What about a community mechanic in which players can invite others to join their tribe or whatever and larger amount of members there are and the longer they stay alive the tribe as a whole gets buffs

There’s no reason for a game to almost “require” someone to join a “clan” in order to be successful and have fun playing the game.

Coward !!!

That’s why it’s just minor buffs, not anything big. If you look at fallout or borderlands, people have a habit of forming unions for the benefit of there own survival. It’s pretty similar to the current unofficial clan system. But I just want it official with its own benefits (albeit minor).

An idea to me is to increase PvE, so there are bigger threats which can be overcome only by multiple people, this will more naturally form groups. Another ideas are skills and abilities can help, if for example one person can make a certain special bandage to help others, while another can make guns. Same concept of specialization and groups in MMOs. Being Rust I would prefer the first one, instead of the second one.

For stronger PvE you could have areas with much tougher beasts, which hold higher resources (like high quality metal), or natural events, which you can overcome only with multiple people helping (flood, earthquakes, volcanos).

You don’t need buffs or religions or any other mechanic in game you need a PVE threat! Other games have better communities because it pays to help each other against the common enemy. In Rust you are the enemy! Until there is something to fight against other than each other this will not change. Clans don’t solve the problem, clans are just a collection of like minded ass holes who fuck with everyone else.

Oh yeah I forgot about the animal problem; they need to make it so that there are way more animals and that they form herds or packs so that they 1. Simulate real life 2. Make hunting a viable survival method 3. Force players to form groups for protection from wolf and bear groups 4. Force players to group to make hunting easier