1. Why peoples getting FPS DROP (after last patches)- becouse of raid towers.

IF u will build high raid tower and then destroy it from fundation, peoples in 1-900m radius will get massive FPS drop till evry single peace of destroyed raid tower will disappear.

(We testes this on few PC and few servers to be sure, and even GTX 970 getting -10 -20 fps. The problem is if someone has low PC . on radeon 7470M normal u have 30 fps , if someone are destroying raid tower u have 3-6 FPS).

  1. I read alot topic on this forum about low FPS with high-end PC. The problem is Unity - becouse alot players cant play on dedicated graphic card . So even if they have GTX 980 they getting 20-40 FPS becouse game is running on integrated intel graphic card.

Sometimes Nividia inspector is helping to force dedicated graphic card but if u have AMD and u have same problem , there is no way to force dedicated graphic card.


Apologize for my english and thank YOU for amazing RUST game. I’m with u nearly 1 year and i see your hard work evry week :slight_smile:

My problem appears to be a memory leak that seems to be linked to Rad Towns. Anybody else have this issue?

  1. The fps drops do not only happen because of collapsing raid towers. It’s overall a optimisation issue.

  2. It is a known problem for some users that rust uses the integrated gpu instead of the actual graphics card. Switching from integrated to your amd gpu isn’t impossible. Try google if you don’t believe me. I never ran into the integrated gpu problem maybe because I disabled it in the bios ages ago.

  1. Can u stop spam ? u can make new topic if u found other reason of low FPS.
  2. It’s immposible. Becouse with amd dual graphic tech. u cant disable one card in bios. Laptop will not weak up.

Calm down, I wasnt insulting you. o_O
Report your found problems via the ingame report (F7) if you don’t want replies.

I just want to inform DEV about this, but there is small chance that they will read this.

Small prove. This guy made topic 10min after i made this one. He had problem with dedicated graphic card - same as 50% players who spamming froum about low FPS. He was sure that he’s using dedicated card till he check it in game - Just read this topic.

There is a solution for nividia owners , but if u got AMD card u are probably forced to play on integrated graphic card.

Apparently my card is a honeybadger, because it doesn’t give a shit about raid towers, or just about anything else. Yeah it’s Nvidia, and yeah, that means not EVRYONE is experiencing this.

u are retard ^^ u got also FPS drop from 90 to 80 ? its also FPS DROP.

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No he’s not a retard, at least you can understand his English. You on the other hand…

I’m not experiencing many drops at all, and I can assure you that when I do get random drops its because of lack of OPTIMISATION, it has NOTHING to do with raid towers. And I know for a fact my computer is running on my 970, because I didn’t even install the drivers for Intel hd graphics. And have it disabled in BIOS.

I’ve run tests to prove someone else wrong on another post, and when a massive tower was destroyed from the foundations, I lost a total of 3 frames, which I lose more fps then that by simply looking in different directions.

So Kurogo and trustinrocks are both right, this DOES NOT effect everyone.

Please try to speak with better english, it’s hard to understand what the hell you’re trying to say and you’re the only one that sounds like a retard here, not Kurogo.

Look, the only thing that inconveniences me in game is mouse lag, and I already know the cause of that. I’m not getting any abnormal FPS drops anywhere in the game. Stop assuming everyone is also playing on a laptop. We aren’t.

Turn max gibs down to the lowest setting. Bam, collapsing structures no longer cause FPS drops.

Max gibs all the way up makes tearing a base apart so satisfying as billions of concrete fragments fountain up into the stratosphere.

I don’t get drops are all. Max on all settings. Idk what you all are talking about