Reasonable Admin Control?

Hello, I’m still working on my gamemode, and was wondering, since people are the most valuable asset in my making it, I decided for now, although it could be different later on, what’s a reasonable amount of admin control/influence for the gamemode? I’m thinking that only admins can become police chiefs, and when they do only the chief can recruit players, so this will cut down on RDM, and if there’s no admins on things tend to fall apart anyways, so I’d think it would work nicely, but more importantly I would like to know what you all think.

To be honest, don’t force it. Sure, some admins might like it that way, and more power to them, but make it easy to change. A quick convar for it so anyone can be a police chief, or admins only. Your idea of reasonable admin control and influence will differ from pretty much everyone. It’s your choice what to set as default, but make your options easy to change and obvious.

That’s the best thing a developer can do. Make it as easy as possible for it to work however the server owner wants it to.

Just add police whitelisting via groups for whatever admin mod your using, then proceed to make a Anti-RDM that doesn’t require admins on 24/7, like making the RDMers lose benefits like paydays, F4 Menu, driving, using the physgun, etc.

And just how will you make sure that you only hit the RDM’ers?

Here’s how he plans on doing it:

I actually like the idea of taking away privileges with kills, but we’d need some better ways to check for RDM, since some kills may actually be valid in the RP.

You know, when i play RP, it seems as if most of the time people play nice. Every now and then some minge starts prop-killing, but thats quickly dealt with. What does, however, bothers me is all these restrictions. Our constant strive to make the experience enjoyable is killing the original joy. You cant spawn this, you cant do that. Its actually more un-rp than the rdm-ing imo. If there was a server with less of these restrictions i would certainly play it.

I am Elowin, and i aprove of this message.