Reasonable Download Size

After what point do you quit a download for a server? I’d say my limit is about 40mb (2 min).

Depends what it is and if i actually want to play it.

So what would entice you into waiting longer for better/worse custom content?

if the gameplay is worth the content

A roleplay server with a gig of custom content is about as enticing as a room full of german cockroaches

A totally custom gamemode with a story, new unique gameplay, and fleshed out core mechanics with half a gig of custom content is worth it

The question is how do you know if the server is worth playing on if you have to sit and download the content? Given it’s your first time playing it then you’ve never had the experience first-hand. If I have better things to do (either on the computer or off) then I’ll join a server and just let it do its thing while I do mine. But, if all I have to do is play Garry’s Mod then I don’t want a long download time under any circumstances.

But this is a very uncommon situation. The only time I’ve put up with it is for Garry’sModTower, and only because it was a separate download not handled by source.

So if you were joining a TTT server would ~10mb download be acceptable? I’m trying to use only hl2 and css content to reduce download times.

I would be happy joining at that as long as it wasn’t 100s of tiny files.

Basically this. I rate it more by time than file size and tons of tiny files take a lot of time.

i wish you could just bz2 the entire gamemode and resources and download it in one go, i thought that the steampipe ‘downloads’ section would be able to do that

If its a server that I know is unique and is the only one of its kind, I will happily wait or use a content pack if im directed to one. On the other hand if its a generic RP, TTT, etc server I will never wait longer than a minute or two and will disconnect straight away if the files I see downloading are “Hatsune Miku, GMT_HAT, SASS_HAT, Teletubbie.head” e.g. …

I mainly work it like that because I have no interested in servers that get point shop, throw a load of shit they download from or workshop and expect that to make a server entertaining.

That would be amazing, but the issue there is they player might already have existing content and have to do needless redownloading.