Reasoned Suggestions for a better Gameplay

A warm hello to all rust players out there!

First off I don’t want this to be another “wouldn’t it be cool if we had … because I want to” thread. I will explain why I want these changes and if you’re for or against them or may have an improvement then please be constructive and say why! Don’t forgett that we’re in an alpha so we all should focus on bugs and how to balance existing content before requesting new one to be released!

1 - No vehicles! Many are requesting this but from my point of view it would break the game. The maps already are very small and there only is one road. I don’t want to see people farming by just driving over other players/animals/zombies, that would break the balance. I would like to suggest the posibility to ride animals instead. It fits more to the gameplay than some old noisy car or truck. I assume that the design and implementation of new vehicles also would waste too much development capacities.

2 - Before adding new stuff, give more meaning to the existing things. The crafting system of Rust is simple and perfect :slight_smile: however there are items like paper, charcoal etc. which are pretty much useless (they may have 1 use) maybe use it to make copy blueprints in this scenario :wink:

3 - Balance spawning rates.

      • The spawning rate of anti radiation pills must be lowered greatly, you find 5-7 of them in almost every radiation zone. Increase the spawn rate of water instead.
      • Greatly lower the spawnrate of anti-radiation clothing as it’s one of the best clothing it should be hard to get. Increase the spawnrate of leather and normal clothing.
      • And since you keep skills after dead and we already got blueprints: Remove recycle box (give it another use) and again greatly reduce the spawnrate of research kits (they’re kind of OP and should be a super rare item).
      • Lower the spawning rate of pickaxes a bit, add stone & metal axes.
      • Finally bind spawnrates of blueprints to the rarity of the item.

4 - Increase the radioactivity in all radioactive zones a bit. We can this get a bit closer to reality. Even without anti-radiation clothing I can currently easily run around the map looting all radiation zones without break. This really shouldn’t be! May keep the radiation longer in the body aslong as it is under 500.

5 - I haven’t found out what this is supposed to be, if it’s a bug then remove it if not then may someone can explain?:

i dont agree with you with the no cars, i think you should have to not only find the parts but also their should be blueprints then you can craft a car. I think that would be cool. BUt they would have to be able to be realsitc and not be OP. BUt the blue print idea is great. Maybe you need 10 total blueprints to make it, you would find them in airdrops and heavy zombie areas

OP is right on the nose with reason for no cars. As long as the map is consisting of one ringroad that you easily run around looting every town in less than an hour it makes no sense to add vehicles.

**1 - **Agree. The map is too small atm for it. Something insteresting for the future would be the use of small boats to go to an island or something. Adding horses would be great, but make some restrictions like: horses won’t climb mountains or enter radiation zones, to give the fleeing person a chance to escape.
**2 - **True, paper is not useful atm. It would be fun to be able to draw tags on the rocks using charcoal. Paper could be used to make custom tags.
**3 - **Yeah, rad pills and pickaxes spawn way too much. I constantly find flashlight mod/shotgun blueprints, they drop alot.
**4 - **I think that some rad zones have the right level of radiation, but other zones have so little that it makes no challenge.

I’ll add some points of my own:
**A - **Increase the range for spotting somebody’s name. Maybe add some kind of marker so you can tell who’s in your clan.
**B - **Increase the step’s noise, so you can better identify that somebody is approaching.
**C - **When a zombie comes near you, he makes no zombie sound until he’s like next to you. That freaks me out cuz I always think it’s a player. It would be great if the zombie noise was constant.