Reaver Models

I’m requesting 2 models. I’m offering any ONE gifted game through steam, but anyway, here’s the 2 I’d like.

*****Unfinished concept sketches

Synth Scout



If someone is up to the task, I’ll provide more sketches. Either way, I’m going to do more sketches XD


That would take alot of work… and some time

Well, yeah. Obviously, look at the amount of detail needed for the scout.

I really should make the offer JUST for the scout.


I’m pretty sure the reason she’s naked is that you’re a pervert. Why would you wear heavy armor on your arms and legs but not the most vulnerable part of your body? Have you ever been a woman having to move quickly and fight while your breasts are bouncing around? It’s not very comfortable. They invented bras for a reason you know. And what happens if her prototype shield generator fails?

Anyways, the drop pod looks cool and simple enough to do, but if you really want it you should provide front, side, bottom, and top views. Once you do this then I could make it easily.

No, I’m pretty sure I like to say “fuck you” to censorships and people who can’t handle nudity.

She’s not really meant for running around. Also, she’s part synth, so she’s pretty durable and strong. There’s nothing to really add to her synthetics on her torso, except on her back. I could have put the commander brain on her chest, but that would look retarded and front heavy.


That’s why she has 3 body guards.

She’s not supposed to be a combat unit. She’s a coordinator.

I can handle nudity. What I can’t handle are tiring video game cliches, like disproportionate armor on women and the fact that women in video games apparently never get cold.

For the last time, shes part synthetic. She’s got all sorts of electronics to keep her warm/healthy/whatever.

I have nothing against your concept but if someone were to report the model, it would most likely be because shes partially nude, so can you at least add something to cover it all up? But I love the Drop Pod and Synth Scout concept it reminds me of the Bio Suit from District 9.

hey can you make pictures of him from left, top, and front? much appreciated.

Of the Scout?


This is a main character.

She’s part synth.

She has a shield generator to make up for her lack of torso armor, but she’s not meant for combat (even though she has a weapon mounted on her wrist)

She looks much better with clothes on, so is someone going to work on this or not? I would love to see the scout and your main character get modeled and possibly rigged to be player models.

yes the scout, arms extended out palms facing down from front left and top. thank you.

Hes probrably taking a while to work on the pic so you may have to wait.

Yeah. It’s not going to be easy. Especially since the arms and legs aren’t even finished :saddowns:

It’ll be easier to do the pod, though, since I made the image at an angle.

sure go for the pod then, that would probably be easiest to make in 3dsmax, make sure you make a top, left, and front though.

This is basically what you need:

  • Front
  • Left( Right only if it’s not symmetrical)
  • Back
  • Top
  • Bottom

Since this model is human top and bottom aren’t really necessary, but for the pod it would be very helpful, so I can’t help you until you comply with these requirements.

Heh heh, I was expecting the Firefly reavers. :slight_smile:

I was expecting Gears of War Reavers.