Rebalance of grenade mats?

I think the current creation costs of the F1 Grenade is too much. For its current mats it does little to no damage. In general its taking me roughly 2-3 grenades. To clear out an area with bandits. What do you guys think? Up the damage of the grenade or slightly lower the cost to make them?

I agree. Buff them or cut down the res needed.

I suggest upping their power… make people decide between creating grenades or c4

Games never get grenades right. Their power is very underestimated.

I definitely agree with buffing grenades, would change the aspect of raids a lot.

this would be stupid because ikt would be so easy to raid house with better grenades

Actually, they’ve got the power of the F1 down pat. I’ve used them IRL (ADF) and they are pathetic, much like they are in the game.

Did you double check the health bars of the targets while in the ADF? (Joke)
But seriously. In a lot of games grenades are nerfed a bunch. BF4, CoD, etc.

If we can have an M4, we should be able to get a grenade worth the name and notoriety. We need more tiers of weapons imo.

Grenades are easy to craft and can be used to blow down door and walls. Don’t make them cheaper make them more difficult to craft!

The game needs “homemade” grenades which are weak and made from gunpowder and lq metal. f1 or military grenades should require additional mats and be more expensive.

Or some grenades are PVP only and don’t damage structures.

Well, if you consider fuck all damage to a fig. 11 target at 3-4 meters a health bar, then yes :wink: The concussion from it is what will fuck you up.