Rebecca Chang from Dead Rising 2 (Or Off the Record)

She’s hot

You should probably add reference pictures for people who have know idea what you’re talking about

This Asian piece 'o meat!

Support ^^, if it helps getting her any faster heres a link.

XNALara Model here:

Here it is.

thanks bitch

and what is this supposed to be??

A link.

I don’t see how a link to a thread about Black Ops models has anything to do with this request…Are you sure you didn’t accidentally grab the wrong link?

Clever, lol.

I meant this.

Am I really the only one that understood what tlsaudrl was trying to link to?

I just thought he was trolling. Oh well, no harm no foul.

In any case, I support this. It would come in handy for a machinima.