Rebel about to get backstabbed by a man coming out of a wall and a scout bonus

and bonus:

Now, I know these may not be perfect, but I would really like a few pointers.

Why is the rebel unarmed?

Let’s just say his pistol is out of view.

Is he on patrol or just kickin’ it right there?

Just kicken’ it. He’s somewhere on the inside where the security would know if somebody that doesn’t travel through the wall would get in.

Posing is good on the first pic.
In the bonus, Scout’s baseball is pretty big. Perhaps you could use the v_model baseball instead? Other than that, not too bad.

i hate it when people ask stupid questions like this even though theres probly about a 1000 reasons why someones doing something.

Second picture looks like a poorly-taken photograph. First picture is pretty cool.

Well, he’s just kind of standing out there. If I was relaxing, I’d be leaning up against the wall.

The first one remindes me of Terminator 2 with the T1000.

Peek a Boo.

Make the spy stand a bit further in the first picture

Could anyone give me pointers on how I could make the man coming out of the wall look more like he is coming out of the wall?

Not what I meant, I meant as in a photoshoping effect to make him appear like he is coming out of the wall and not just no-collided(I used an advanced ball-socket).

Is this a reference to that film The Invisible Man where he kills everyone?

I was actually going for a t-1000 from the second terminator movie only with a knife.

you mean hollow man… that movie was s***.

Exactly what I said.