Rebel about to shoot himself with a pistol over the body of a dead combine woman

This is the alternate ending to this

It’s possibly not my best work, but better than some things I’ve done in the past…

Here is the edit:

The edit with a filter (which to be honest I think is overdone, It didn’t glow that much when I filtered it…):

The original:

Older work along the love and death with an added story:



The tear is so emo too.

Blood looks smeared, tears are good, posing good. 7/10. :tiphat:

On second thought, look at the face of the lady from the side, it looks like she got something stuck up her intestine. Bad case of diarrhea?

Think you could help me with the blood? I use gimp by the way.

Go search custom GIMP brushes on :google: there are good splatter and blood brushes there.

Thanks for that.

Any ideas for another image and story?

Just an idea for a better angle:

A silhouette of him on his knees on the floor looking over the body, with the gun to his head looking down towards the body. All facing away from the camera.

Agh! Low poly gun model! Use this: