Rebel being beat


Poor rebel, ;c.

I guess uh, his eyes should be closed.

What are those guns?

Those are from AlexVestin’s skin pack.

His hands are not flat on the ground, blood looks bad, not a fan of the angle.

Reminds me of the Engineer phrase “I’m gonna’ beat you like a rented mule boy!”

Anyways, Finger posing the hands flat would’ve helped the look of him actually touching the floor a lot, the blood needs to be a little more… Prevalent. I didn’t notice the blood until Vasili pointed it out, it needs to be a little messier, right now it just looks like a very cleanly nose bleed :v:, in fact the rebel needs to look a lot more beaten up, with bruises, cuts, and blood stained clothing for that added “got my ass kicked” effect.

Also, holy shit I need a link to that skins pack, would you kindly?

what’s wrong with his blood…?
it looks 2D
but background blood is good
otherwise good

He has some string coming out of his mouth.

Edited it for you, hope you dont mind.

I think not.

You added noise, that isn’t editing.


if you take some more time and thinking and want the combine camera style you’d get something like this

Not that mine is good, it was just me messing around but still.

looking ok!

Not only that; it’s the worst type of noise too.


He’s doing pushups

Oh, and the blood needs some lighting or something… Something to make it look 3D esc.

The combine dont call those push-ups, which is how he got on the ground