Rebel considers suicide.

Haven’t had the time of my life the last days, so wanted to make something dark and sad. Well, can’t say it is sad, but it is dark!

C&C, please.

The sitting looks a little rigid, along with the grip on the poster, otherwise.

:bravo: on everything except that.

Uh my internet is slow enough right now without that png messing it up too.

moments later

The atmosphere and prop-placement are great but the posing looks pretty stiff.

Hngh, I hate my posing sometimes, it always has come out stiff.

Your editing makes it up. :slight_smile:

At least that’s a start, thanks guys.

This got to be one of the first pic using grain that looks good.

-puts pistol up to head and pulls trigger - dangit i gave gordan all my ammo!

Box because I don’t want to rate you bad spelling.


I like the dodging and burning.

Pretty cool. Great editing, but posing is a bit stiff as others have said. Good job!

Do it you pussy.

Editing is nice, but as stated, stiff posing.