Rebel destruction

A pose picture I wanted to test out for photoshop, as I only got it a few weeks ago.

Full size is weird as it exploits some odd oversharpness in the explosion (as I never used the tool in the entire time). Rate and CC appreciate :smiley:

Unedited version (you could say I went overkill on blurring, as I think I did too :stuck_out_tongue: )

I like it, everything seems good to me, posing is good… Good Job :D. btw add some tiny flames in the back of the RPG launcher… it’s not just smoke :stuck_out_tongue:

This shot reminds me of super hard pingas in the butt because its so awesome.


@f3: The flame in most rocket launchers would happen so fast you would barely see it. And since the target has already been hit in that amount of time, you wouldn’t see it. Proof:

(I think that stinger missile is badass after it fires)

Nice posing work on the smoke and camera angle.

too dark and too blurry, and the smoke coming from the rear of the RPG is too clearly smudged.

Other than that, I like it. Especially the angle.

W00t my third post

I tried brightening it up a bit, though im looking at my monitor from the top, which is brighter. The smoke on the back kinda had to, otherwise it looked really shitty (its supposed to be all wavy and shit btw since thats smokes nature). The only part I though look oversmudged was the front ejection, but I’ll keep your thoughts in mind for a next picture :smiley:

LOL yeah I know, but that smoke in the back looks too thick and frozen still. It’s not that bad though, but caught my eye anyways.