Rebel escaped city 17 : Rebel Finds Old Factory.

It is a quarter over 16:01
I found an ancient factory.
a few meters from an old mine.
I have walked all day.
and this fucking suitcase begins to kill me.
it’s so damn heavy.
wonder why Barney wanted me to take it?
Hm. now I’m try seek somewhere to sleep.

It looks good for the most part but that tree.

Those fucking pixely branches.


I like it man, keep it up.

thanks dude

not bad not bad at all. You could also add orange lighting on his back coming from the gravity gun(cooler in my opinion)

nice I like it, keep it up
although some blurring on the tree would make it nicer


Where can I find world models for HL2 weapons?

And I’ll look down and say “No.”

Whoops, wrong quote…

I love it, except for that god awful tree.

Well it would be Cool. 'll try to make it to the next time


yeah i know. the three was a problem.




do you mean crowbar and Gravity gun?

Weird shiny tree.

You need to extract the files with GCFScape, then decompile and recompile the models, extract the textures, copy and paste them to the GMod folder, reinstall Steam.


Or just use the model browser in the Q-menu. You can also try the Q-menu’s model search, typing “w_” usually brings you some world models.

Looks good were you attempting to make it a desktop cause it looks like it could be one

Any image found on the 'net can be used as a desktop background.

i dont think the gravitygun is standar equipment for rebels

I like it,
It could be better, but in saying so would just be nit-picking
Keep it up :slight_smile:

but he found it in the city 17 and will get to white forrest and give it to Gordon