Rebel Escaped from City 17: Ethen continues to white forrest

Diary side 1

Diary side 2

Diary side 3

and now…

The time is 16:34.

I Have Gone The whole damn day.
finally I find a farm.
in the yard I see a house. and a barn.
shit what a big hole in the ceiling. must be inspected.
in the barn finds i a man who bleeds.
He says he is a Rebel so I can be calm
Ethen: what has happened?

Man: They attacked us …

Ethen: Tell me more.

Man: do not really know what to say …

Ethen: come on, I can help you.

Man: no. no one can help me.

The man closes his eyes and stop breathing.

So I went to White Forest, now I’m so close.

to be continued…

General stiff posing, pretentious, unoriginal story…

Great to read before going to sleep, though.

I don’t see where this is pretentious. Posing is really good. The story kinda suck ass tho.

I’ve come up with the story itself so no it is not unorginal.

Run, forrest, run!

It’s all the excessive drama, not to mention three freakin’ pages for the purpouse of a few measly screenshots. Stories and drama are always pretentious and rediculous in general.