Rebel Escaped from City 17: Face to face with the man in blue suit

The time is 9:00.
I found an old factory full of corpses and blood.
but some of the corpses seem to have become quite marginalized.
and some combines.
My God!



Before me I see the man with the blue suit.
and he keeps in a weapon.
thinks he shoot me?!?!
please god help me now!

G-man: Take it easy my friend.

G-man: I will not hurt you.

Ehten: ok. but who are you?

G-man: I can only say that I am a person’s life guide.

Ehten: ok but … Why do you follow me?

G-man: for that you are someone important.

Ehten: huh? what am I important? I’m just a Rebel.

G-man: The time will come. and then you’ll understand.

Ehten Mind: So this sounds crazy! why am I important than personality?

G-man: you by the way, you can help me with this?

Ehten: yes, of course.

Ethen: where do you want it?

G-man: come and I’ll show you.


G-man: I would like to have the gun here.

Ethen: ok

Ethen: and you. do you know how to get to the White Forrest?

G-man: yes. I know. you go south from the factory and continues until you come out on the highway again.

Ethen: haha thanks then

G-man: oh, you should hurry.

Ethen: what?

G-man: People will soon be here. and if they see us. life is ruined.

Ethen: ok. so now it sits.

G-man: good. Come on,

Ethen: I see you again.

G-man: More or less. I guess so.

Ethen: ok, but good luck. with what you would do.

G-man: The same my friend.

so I helped the man in blue suit.
and then continued my journey.

Oh god the dialogue

Oh shit, not life!

I know exactly who posed this and wrote the story before I looked at the OP’s name. seriously, if you cant speak english or have to use an online translator, just let it be.



Or am I the only one?

You are not the only one :stuck_out_tongue: