"Rebel Generica" - Some rebels hold the line.


Enjoy, and C&C is appreciated.

I can’t put my finger on it, but the two rebels up front look awkwardly posed.

As i said on steam, the bald guy behind the barriade with the beanie looks like he’s having some kind of seizure.

How do you know he is bald when he has a beanie?

why would the guy in the front with the AK hold his gun like that? His wrist looks fucking bent somehow.

It’s male_4 who is bald by default.

My problem with the guy in the front, is that his torso is not facing the direction that he is pointing. That’s not how people point with their arms, you’d angle your body towards the object of interest.

3-point strap cliché.

3th of ll the lesg om the ckhick on the right asre kind of awkwward ly spaced

Oh look everybody, the village comedian.

i’m sorry that i’m trying to give this guy insight into his posing but you odn’t have to be a huge douchebag whenever someone comes in with anything that isn’t unconditional love and praise you fucking shitfaggot

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also i meant left. my left. chick on left. im sorry im not good w/ directions