Rebel gets bullets in his eye

he doesn’t seem to give a shit that something has pierced his brain

Erm, It’s looks like he not very neatly opened a jar of jam

I clicked this expecting it to be a report from Libya.
Welp, I’d better start reading the whole row before I click things in the ticker.

It didn’t fully pierce his skull? What a thicko.

Make the rebel who was hit’s facial expression better and it would be pretty good.

Motherfuckers a badass.

[sp] It’s only a flesh wound! [/sp]

“Oh, man! I knew I should have removed my glasses before playing paintball!”

He was into getting his face shot in before it was a “thing.”

What an inconvenience.

thought this was on the news.

Eh looks okay I guess.

An eye would pop under that pressure.
Well it wouldn’t release that much blood but it’s still good looking.

Bullet in brain.
Oh wait, let me use my remaining nerve connections to trigger my face to express discontent.

Eyeglasses guy:
“Aw. It hurts…”

Glasses:“Well would you look at that?”
No Glasses:“Look at what?”
Glasses:“Oh, never mind. Its gone now.”

entry wounds are too mainstream

Looks good. Need more speed.

this happens to me alot. fucking hate when you see a bullet coming and you dont have time to blink

Pain when getting shot.

So mainstream.

Maybe because HE’S DEAD? hard to react to something if you’re already in dead.

I’d suggest having the other side of his head ripping open with some blood splat/brain matter on the wall. Nice job otherwise