Rebel Hands: Complete Collection.

This is a complete collection of the Rebel Hands for Garry’s Mod.

Many people wanted Black Rebel hands, so I started out by just creating one simple skin for Black hands, but now I have done a total of 12 skins. Each download contains 2 main folders: Green Clothing and Blue Clothing. This is where you can decide what colour sleeves you want your hands to have.

When you have decided what colour you want, open that folder, and you will then see 3 sub-folders which contain the skin-tones that you can select. They are; Light, Medium and Dark. When you’ve selected that, you then see a materials folder, which you need to extract to the garrysmod/garrysmod directory.
(C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod)


Black Rebel Hands:

White Rebel Hands:

Download Links:

Black Rebel Hands:

White Rebel Hands:

Complete Collection:

Constructive criticism, ideas and opinions are welcome.

The sleeves on the hand textures look really badly made, you didn’t even blend the different parts together, you can clearly see the seams where you put parts of the sleeve texture together.

In-game, these parts are not even visible, they are below the arms, a point which the camera cannot see.
However, in a later version, I will add a better texture, as well as blended parts. Thanks for comment.

Version 2 Released:

Custom Textures
Higher Quality

“Originally, I released a package based on another skin, this version uses my own textures, so this release is higher in quality.”

So does that mean that the dark color is Mexican color?
I need them.

Pretty much.

Images on new textures:

Sorry for the double post anyway.

Woah… thats amazing. Really different and better then the other ones.