Rebel hanging onto a scanner while shooting a CP in the face

Probably the worse piece of shit I have ever shat out and put onto this thread, but whatever, I tried again at a muzzle-flash and blood. The blood ended up looking like blood from gears of war.

C&C I want to improve yo!

-snip- Nevermind, just realized it’s a bullet hole. Nice work, anyways. Artistic.

Love the posing and idea. Just fuzz up the bullet exit hole to match the blurred cop :slight_smile:

Nice posing but the exit wound looks massively copy-pasted. I like the muzzleflash aswell.

The blood and the bullet hole should be blurry to match the cop.

I really like the idea, and great posing to boot!

It would have been cooler if the CP was standing by a window on the second story of a building.

Good pic none the less!

I like the idea, but the rebel’s torso seems a tad bit off and the editing could use some help.

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll keep practicing

Idea is nice, Execution is pretty good.

That would be badass.

I wish you could hang like that from Scanners in HL2 :confused:

The rebels feet should be hanging down more. He looks like he’s standing.

EDIT:On air.

Whoa you must look really weird when you stand around cuz those feet look pretty fucking bent to me.