Rebel helicopter getting hit by rocket

Yeah, still working on those explosions and overall effects. I need some hard C&C on it. Thank you.


I don’t really like the explosion position, just seems alittle unrealistic, i doubt the explosion would only be going out the doors and front windows.

But still a great editing job

i like teh flying debris… have a pallet

Yea the explosion seems unrealistic, to movie like. Maybe if the rebels were transporting some explosive material? Anyways editing looks good, if your going to keep the explosion size, change the title to “blah blah… transporting explosives to base” or something along the lines. :slight_smile:

I won’t change anything, but I will take it into account next time. Thanks!

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Something about this is really off.

Oh, mind telling me what? :frown:

what a pleasent thought

The explosion mainly. It just looks weird. It kinda looks like there are just two balls of light on the sides of the chopper. It needs more smoke coming ouf of the inside and other stuff to make it look like the missile really detonated inside the copter. The sparks look weird too.

oh noes…wait there rebels…o then nevermind

Thats like saying fuck the police while getting pulled over

also very good looking, palleted

Thanks. Will take into account next time. I’m still practicing, you know :3:

Any more comments on this one?

There should be more of a smokey explosion coming out the back of the helicopter (right door), but it’s an overall great editing job.

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-from the looks of the debris, i can tell it’s a brush
-explosion looks pretty nice but looks really dull and looks like a muzzleflash but bigger
-i really like the rim lighting but i think other parts of the heli like where the explosion is from could use some lighting as well
-smoke is well done as always

good job overall but imo, those are the parts you need to improve on


The underside caption mad me lol. The rocket hit is alright, but maybe some twisted metal, or a rebel being blasted out would make it a bit better.

maybe you shouldn’t have such a big explosion where the rocket penetrates the hull. maybe stretch the starboard explosion a little, to give the illusion of momentum.