Rebel help combines who's attaked by zombies

All in game

C&C :slight_smile:

Neat, but this seems REALLY unlikely, and I see shit of knights with rocket launchers.

I keep looking at the face of the zombie getting shot and keep laughing for some reason.

Is it because he looks like he has a huge mustache?

That muzzleflash …

Totally wrong camera angle. Try to capture the whole scene.

I’d doubt the rebels would help the Combine, given how the former hate the latter and vice versa. Even if the rebel was willing to help, he’d be killed by the Combine later.

And Left 4 Dead and Half-Life 2 are (presumably) seperate universes, so use headcrab zombies instead of generic L4D common infected.

I agree

Some zombies look like they were barley posed, try imagining how they run or stand in game when startled.

Plural of combine is combine.

I cant help but laugh at that make-out session between the soldier and zombie in the background