Rebel in an abandoned station

Took about 20 minutes to make, all in game editing.

No wonder, the police just cleared out the hobo inhabitants.

Looks like a dump, a little bit too much garbage.

Yeah there’s a fine line between suitably cluttered and prop-spam.

Way too much garbage.

Just like everyone else said it seems a little bit well cluttered, however the pose itself looks really nice from what I can tell ,but you should work on the editing as well.

I think it looks awesome.

There’s a place in Vancouver called East Hastings… It looks way worse than this.

jeez, how do you make garrysmod look this good with in-game editing?

it’s like a garbage sale.

It’s sad because it’s true.

The place is depressing to drive through :confused:

when the hell did you take a picture of my room?

the post processing is a bit too dark imho

The post processing is a little dark for my liking, but it’s the best I could do at the time. Also the amount of rubbish was intentional as the room looked barely used when I started.

Scene build or map?

Either way, I could REALLY use this for mah movie :v:

I think it’s good, like the lightning too. The edit is awesome work with only gmod editing.

I think there’s too much junk, but then again, how long has it been abandoned? Nice editing.

Yes because we all know that junk just appears over time.

Really cool. Bit too much garbage and contrast though.

Interesting idea.