Rebel in Blue Eye Creek

This is my first pose.
Shitty computer, run in DX8 so it’s not going to look the best.
Please give constructive criticism.

Map is Gm_Blueeyecreek on toybox, rebel skin is from the TnB megapack

like the background

very atmospheric i like it

your posing needs a lot of work (understandable, my first pose was similar) but the choice of backdrop is quite good

remember to zoom in with the camera to narrow the field of view (and thus avoid fisheye).

I can’t tell if she has it on Jpg_Quality 140 or not, and people don’t really sit like that.

But everything else seems fine, considering it’s your first pose.

Quick tip, try adding more to the background. If you have a huge open room, fill it with props! Otherwise you can zoom in with the camera tool.